Our mission is to enable a better business climate in Albania. We focus on pioneering innovative and burden-free models of funding and know-how.

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Our outreach program is extensive. We like to be in the community, for the community. Join us in our next event and get to know our work.

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We know that good work comes through strong teams. Our cause is challenging, and with your support we can make it happen.

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We know we are in great company, from central to local government in Albania, to international donors; with an unprecedented support, our friends make us!

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verything about developing a new destination revolves around events: hallmark events, legacy events, community events, you name it. Events are what brings life to a destination, because they bring people together. At TIFF we are strong believers of tourism through experience: try local food, dance local dances, sing local songs, make your own olive oil, and even your own bed! Check the events list to your left here, and come join us soon!

What are we up to

In a typical day, TIFF staff is found in the field, assessing the many opportunities that Albanian tourism has to offer. We assess, validate, evaluate, build relations with the community, and work with our partners daily to explore ways of increasing our impact. TIFF staff is also active in capacity building, both locally and centrally. If you would like to know more about our know-how, feel free to visit our blog page, check out our most recent projects, or read about the model that works for us.

Daily bits are found in our news feed here. Enjoy!


Investing in Tourism

Positioned just right in the heart of Southeastern Europe, Albania is rich in natural resources sceneries that are as beautiful as the first day they were created. Pristine beaches, secluded areas, rich culture, envious hospitality, and lively cities, make Albania one of the most interesting places to visit. Double-digit growth makes Albanian tourism one of the most promising sectors to invest.

Latest News

Educational tour with students from University of Tirana

Sunday, January 28th, TIFF organized a study and educational tour in the village of Pellumbas and the Black Cave. 32...

Brunch in Pëllumbas

Brunch in Pëllumbas

Saturday, Sept. 16th, nearly 180 people joined us in the village of Pëllumbas for brunch. Fee per person was 500lek,...

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