The Beauty that is Dumrea Valley

Dumrea valley is located in the district of Elbasan, Fier and Peqin. It includes the city of Belsh and over 40 villages in the region. The unique beauty of this landscape became famous in the 19th century, when Belsh was described as the capital of Albania by one of the most important personalities of the Albanian Renaissance, Sami Frashëri.

The main tourist attractions in Dumrea include not only the numerous lakes (85 in winter and nearly 60 during summer season) in the area, but also their beautiful sorroundings. The most distinguishable lakes are Belsh and Seferan lakes, the latter being the largest one in the area. The lakes which feature a karst nature are home to various types of aquatic fauna among which we can mention fish able to survive in natural lakes and in men-made reservoirs such as carp, widehead, amur, etc. These lakes inspire many outdoor activities including fishing, boating etc.

From an agricultural standpoint, Dumrea offers a lot of sites planted with vineyards, fruit trees and olives which in the last 15 years have become of unique interest in the oil production industry.

Another site of special interest in the area is “Gradishtë mountain”, which hosts the walls of the old city. Gradishta rock, or mount Gradishta (geomonument), is located in southeast of Belsh. There are steep slopes and flat ridges with archaeological remains, which indicate the existence of a prehistoric settlement. Gradishta has scientific (geological, geomorphological, archaeological), didactic, ecological and cultural values.

The material and spiritual heritage  which is related to the ancient Dumrea population, the preservation of traditions, customs and habits to our day, are very rich and no less diverse. This area has great value in the development of the tourism industry and offers a lot of  potential as a tourism destination.

Its prospects should not neglect craft products made by hand. Residents of this area have a long tradition in the processing of wool, wood, clay, stone etc. Traditional cuisine from locally grown products can constitute a point of interest for all those seeking healthy and tasty food.

Dumrea offers many attractions and opportunities in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes which inspires to establish centers or tourist villages equipped  with entertainment infrastructure (golf courses, tennis court, etc.). The traditional and relaxing atmosphere make Dumrea a top destination in Albania on a getaway weekend.

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