Where does TIFF invest?

Where does TIFF invest?

TIFF invests only in businesses that operate in one of the following areas: tourism agro tourism, ecotourism, culture heritage tourism, sports tourism, and any other branch of the tourism industry that supports its growth directly (e.g. training for waiters). TIFF invests in businesses that are at different stages of growth. The following table describes planned distribution of investments, and this distribution will be evaluated annually by the board and investment committee for adjustment to the allocation ration on column 2.


Stage of Development Long-Term

Target Allocation

Financing Need
Seed 20% A company or entrepreneur needs “seed” financing to prove a product concept. This could be a completely new venture or a new idea for an existing company. The funding is not for marketing the concept, which occurs at a later stage.
Start-ups 20% A company that has been in existence for 1 year or less. Financing needs could vary.
1st Stage 20% Funding is needed to commercialize the manufacturing and sale of a product.
2nd Stage 30% The company needs working capital for initial expansion, but is already in business and shipping product. Could still be operating at a loss.
3rd Stage 10% The company is undergoing major growth and is breaking even or turning a profit. Use of funds could include a plant expansion, marketing, or new product development including product branding, positioning and other intangible assets that add value to products.
Bridge 0% The company expects to enter into a loan agreement with a lending institution within 6 months to a year and requires financing to “bridge” to the loan financing.

You can read more on where does TIFF invest on fondi.al/faq/

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