Destination Management Office – Pëllumbas


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Destination Management Office – Pëllumbas

This destination management office is an upgrade to the traditional info point that visitors find in most locations around the world. This office administers the entire touristic product in the valley of Erzen, near the Black Cave and the wider area, reaching up until the ancient tomb of Persqop near Petrela.

There are two parts to this investment: the rental display and the merchandise shop. Visitors to the area – and especially the cave – will have a chance to rent our helmets, outerwear, LED lights, and other equipment for safe hiking. The area is known for its soft adventure trails and gorgeous scenery. Lastly, as a community gathering center, the shop hosts cultural events within the community, promoting local creativity, documenting what is vernacular to the area.

  • Expected investment: $13,000
  • Local partner: Ministry of Urban Development
  • Local investor: Bardhyl Duqi
  • Expected payback: 18 months
  • Expected employment: 3-5 people

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