Olive Oil Museum & Tasting Room


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Olive Oil Museum & Tasting Room

Behind the philosophy of TIFF investments in tourism is finding channels that would not only be profitable, but also utilize local resources in a way that directly links visitors with the local community. This requires building services that rely on the utilization of local knowhow, traditions, local resources, and later commercializing these services in a way that exploits experiential tourism.

One such attraction is the Olive Oil Museum and Tasting Room. The experiential element of this investment stays true to agritourism. Visitors would have the chance to collect their own olives, press, filter and label their own bottles, all the while enjoying tasting classes, overnight stay at TIFF’s B&Bs, and a generally holistic experience on Lake Seferan, Belsh. This model is similar to other similar models such as the Paragaea Museum in Parga, Greece and Il Frantoio in Perugia, Italy.

Additionally, the site will be testament to the most grown resource in Belsh: olive trees. The area has an extensive experience growing, harvesting and producing olive oil. However, this experience has never been documented, let alone promoted as an attraction within itself. The museum has two adjacent rooms: one workshop, and one tasting room.

  • Expected investment: $25,000
  • Local partner: Municipality of Belsh
  • Local investor: Fiqiri Kasa
  • Expected payback: 28 months
  • Expected employment: 3 people

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