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Scattered B&Bs

Scattered B&Bs are a new concept that TIFF is piloting in the areas of Belsh, Tirana, and Korça. The philosophy behind this concept is to utilize small scale houses as micro hotels by providing the feeling of place combined with the standards of a 4-star hotel. In many villages, traditional houses are vacant, idle from utilization. They represent, however, great testament of local life. Their design, the people in it, and their customs are attractive to observe.

We call them scattered because the rooms are located in several houses, which together make one big collection of rooms, a “hotel.” Each house is individually owned, but all of them are managed collectively as one. Quality standards are the same across all houses and rooms, but each house has its own, unique features. Accommodation is usually accompanied by house-specific activities, like jam making, olive oil processing, theater shows, wood working, and many more.

A tour of the B&Bs is recommended for a 2-day trip to these areas. Call or write us to book a tour now!.

  • Expected investment: $12,000 per B&B
  • Local partner: Municipality of Belsh
  • Local investors: Bujar Kasa; Fatmir Manushi
  • Expected payback: 32 months
  • Expected employment: 15 people (3-4/B&B)


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