Slow Food Restaurant, Belsh


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Slow Food Restaurant, Belsh

As part of the integrated tourism offering in Belsh, TIFF is establishing a small scale, boutique, artisan restaurant that will complement the culinary attraction of the area. Project site is Lake Seferan, about 1.5 km away from Belsh, with paved roads and a wonderful scenery. The restaurant is a 200m2 property overlooking the lake, with amenities like bathrooms, kitchen, and a relaxation area adjacent to it. Being close to the lake, the restaurant is expected to own and operate its own aquatic rentals center, with boats, kayaks, and water bikes. A boat deck will be used for both boat parking and relaxation.

The philosophy behind this artisan restaurant is to make use of all local resources and ingredients whenever possible. To achieve this, a complete list of traditional dishes has been established and analyzed. A Food Fest event was held on February 3rd, 2017 to have a jury evaluate the best dishes the  area has to offer, as well as identify the most talented and promising cooks that could be hired once the restaurant is established. Two master chef consultants are currently designing the menu, which is drawn to be cyclical: it changes with each season, so that dishes reflect the ingredients of that season.

Lastly, ingredients are sourced locally through a well-planned soil management system. Current idle land is put to use by growing resources as needed by the restaurant. Land and produce is owned by local farmers. The restaurant provides a sure sell for their merchandise in the long run.

  • Expected investment: $35,000
  • Local partner: Municipality of Belsh
  • Local investor: Sokol Kasa, Owner
  • Expected payback: 18 months
  • Expected employment: 12 people

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