Souvenir Shop & Artisan Center


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Invested 11%
$11450 to go

Souvenir Shop & Artisan Center

The souvenir and artisan center is a boutique carrying a selection of artisan home decor, jewelry, food, & gifts with of local origins. The shop is used to showcase the tradition of the area and its people, embodying all the customs and talent in the products and memorabilia of Belsh and the wider Dumrea Valley.

There are two parts to this investment: the display shop and the artisan workshop. By its very nature – and staying true to the philosophy of TIFF – visitors not only have a chance to take home memories from the area, but they can also make the products themselves. Products such as jewelry, wood-works, and even food is made by visitors under the supervision of shop staff from the area.

Lastly, as a community gathering center, the shop hosts cultural events within the community, promoting local creativity, documenting what is vernacular to the area.

  • Expected investment: $13,000
  • Local partner: Municipality of Belsh
  • Local investor: Qemal Bregu
  • Expected payback: 24 months
  • Expected employment: 3 people

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