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We make sure that our investments provide better quality of life


Our mission is to enable a better business climate in Albania. We focus on pioneering innovative and burden-free models of funding and know-how.


Our outreach program is extensive. We like to be in the community, for the community. Join us in our next event and get to know our work.


We know that good work comes through strong teams. Our cause is challenging, and with your support we can make it happen. Join one of our programs.


We are business driven, but grounded in our community work. Our investments are made to provide opportunities for growth and employment.


We know we are in great company, from central to local government in Albania, to international donors; with an unprecedented support, our friends make us!


Our projects provide tourism-centric solutions for visitors in the wonderful places Albania has to offer: in Belsh, Korça, and Tirana.

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TIFF is a member-owned, non-profit, financial foundation